My Business Building Page

    Thanks for visiting my page. 

Here’s a little about me:

I love helping people improve their lives.  One of the ways I do that is helping people start an additional stream of income.  As you will see below I have multiple opportunities available.

I am also a Karate teacher and love what I do and I would like to do more of it.  My goal is to open my own Karate School.

I am a Second Degree Black Belt in the art of Kenpo

I have won 4 trophies in Martial Arts tournaments

My students have a very high trophy win rate at Martial Arts tournaments

However, aside from a wonderful sense of accomplishment for myself and my students there is one factor I hold even more dear to my heart and that is the fact that I am really training my students for survival.

    Below are the companies:

AMWAY - Offers household products such a cleaners and laundry, make-up, cookware, supplements, and more.

ACN - Offers discounts on services you already use:  Cell phone service, Electricity & Gas (in selected areas), VoIP telephone service, internet, satellite TV, home security, Credit Card processing for businesses.  I think switching you cell phone service first will offer the most savings for you.

BEACHBODY - Offers exercise programs, supplements, etc.

SHAKEOLOGY - A meal nutritional meal replacement shake mix.

LEGALSHIELD - (Contact me for information and to sign-up.)  Offers affordable access to lawyers through their legal plans and identity theft protection.

SFI / TRIPLECLICKS - (If you choose the SFI opportunity you automatically get TripleClicks so don’t join both.)  SFI is the business part and TripleClicks is the online mall.  These web sites work in tandem but you can be a TripleClicks customer without being an SFI affiliate.

    If you are not interested in becoming a business owner please, consider becoming my customer.  Perhaps, you can save some money on a service where you are currently paying more.